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A Standard Library for Bulk Synchronous Parallel Programming


A Reference Manual for the Proposed Standard BSPlib has been issued.
"BSPlib The BSP Programming Library" by Jonathan M. D. Hill (Oxford University), Bill McColl (University of Oxford), Dan C Stefanescu (Harvard University, Suffolk University), Mark W. Goudreau (University of Central Florida), Kevin Lang (NEC Research Institute, Princeton), Satish B. Rao (NEC Research Institute, Princeton), Torsten Suel(Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies), Thanasis Tsantilas (Columbia University), Rob Bisseling (Utrecht University)

Copies of the document in compressed Postscript form can be downloaded from here with examples in C or, if you prefer, with examples in Fortran 77. To keep the load down on this server, you might like to get your copy from one of the following mirror sites:
Harvard University (Cambridge, MA)C examples
Fortran77 examples
Suffolk University (Boston, MA)C examples
Fortran77 examples
University of Central Florida (Orlando, FL)C examples
Fortran77 examples
Utrecht University (The Netherlands)C examples
Fortran77 examples


The first full release of the Oxford BSP Toolset has been issued by Oxford Parallelat the Oxford University Computing Laboratory. This incorporates BSPlib implementations, conforming in all but a few minor timing details to the BSPlib defined by the new Reference Manual. The Toolset includes a wide range of native machine-specific and generic versions of BSPlib, a performance profiler, a call-graph performance tuning aid, parallel debugging support and BSP Benchmarking tools. As for the previous alpha and beta releases, sources and binaries are freely available by anonymous FTP. See
for more information on the toolset distribution.

History of the BSPlib Proposals

The Initial Proposal for the BSP Worldwide Standard Library by Jonathan Hill and Bill McColl (Oxford University) was issued for comment. This was followed, on 10 April 1996 by a new document: A Proposal for the BSP Worldwide Standard Library (preliminary version) by Mark W. Goudreau, University of Central Florida. Jonathan M. D. Hill, Oxford University. Kevin Lang, NEC Research Institute (Princeton). Bill McColl, Oxford University. Satish B. Rao, NEC Research Institute (Princeton) and University of California at Berkeley. Dan C. Stefanescu, Harvard University. Torsten Suel, NEC Research Institute (Princeton) and University of California at Berkeley. Thanasis Tsantilas, Columbia University. It was open for comment throughout April 1996. In particular it was discussed at the BSP Worldwide meeting at HPCN'96 in Brussels on 17 April 1996.

For further information, please contact Bob McLatchie.

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