What's new in the Oxford BSP Toolset

30th September 1998 Version 1.4 is a major release of the Oxford BSP toolset. New implementations available in this release are: (1) an improved TCP/IP and UDP/IP implementation of BSPlib that enables a homogeneous cluster of workstations to be used as a parallel machine; and (2) a shared memory implementation for Windows NT.
30th September 1998 A low-latency UDP-like implementation for 3Com 3C905B Ethernet cards connected by switched 100Mbps Ethernet. The following paper describes our experience with the dedicated cluster: ``BSP Clusters: high performance, reliable and very low cost'' Stephen R. Donaldson, Jonathan M.D. Hill, and David B. Skillicorn. Technical Report PRG-TR-5-98, Programming Research Group, Oxford University Computing Laboratory, September 1998. (Compress Postscript, 271K)
9th February 1998 Radu Calinescu has developed a menu-driven tool for the automatic parallelisation of nested loops in the bulk synchronous parallel (BSP) model. The tool, BSPscheduler, generates C plus BSPlib code.
2nd December 1997 Three new papers on predictable (i.e., stable) communication in BSPlib.
27th November 1997 Version 1.3 is a major release of the Oxford BSP toolset. The distribution includes a TCP/IP implementation of BSPlib that enables a homogeneous cluster of workstations to be used as a parallel machine. The distribution includes a load manager that ensures processes are started on the least loaded processors in a cluster of workstations. In the next release of the library, a general purpose process migration and checkpointing facility will be provided that enables run-time load balancing and fault tolerance of BSPlib jobs.
27th November 1997 Alex Gerbessiotis has made available the following BSP algorithms written using BSPlib: (1) a number of Matrix multiplication algorithms; (2) primitive operations including variants of broadcasting (two-phase, tree-based) and parallel prefix (two-phase, d-ary tree); (3) Gauss-Jordan based matrix inversion and LU decomposition algorithms.
24th October 1997 Tutorial slides and programming exercises on BSP have been made available.
27th September 1997 A new release of the library is planned for 21st November 1997. The release will contain an updated TCP/IP implementation that contains a load manager for managing jobs among a cluster of workstations.
24th September 1997 BSP cost parameters for the TCP/IP implementation of BSPlib running on a Pentium Pro NOW connected by a 10Mbit Ethernet.
4th August 1997 Version 1.1.2 is a minor release of the Oxford BSP toolset. It contains a beta release of a TCP/IP version of the library (see the user guide), and a version of the library for the Transtech Paramid. This release includes some bug fixes to v1.1 (see the bug report list for more details).
16th June 1997 Everything! The first official release of the Oxford BSP toolset and associated WWW pages.

Jonathan Hill
Last updated: Sep 30th 1998