University of Oxford Parallel Applications Centre

What is BSPlib?

Parallel programmers looking for a simple but efficient approach to developing scalable applications software may be interested in the BSPlib programming library. BSPlib is an alternative to MPI and PVM, and is based on the BSP model of parallel computation. It is already being used by a rapidly growing community of software developers in universities and in industry.

BSPlib can be used with C, C++, or Fortran. It supports SPMD parallelism based on efficient one-sided communications. The core library (excluding collective communications) consists of just 20 primitives.

What is the Oxford BSP toolset?

The Oxford BSP toolset includes profiling tools and implementations of BSPlib for many different machines. Information on the latest release of the library (v1.4, 30th September 1998) is available here. Depending upon your machine, there can be a:

A list of native and tested generic implementations is available from the BSPlib download page.

To subscribe to a mailing list for toolset users, mail Any bug reports should be sent to A list of outstanding problems is kept here.

Jonathan Hill
Last updated: September 30th 1998