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BSP Worldwide is an association of people interested in the development of the Bulk Synchronous Parallel (BSP) computing model. It exists to provide a convenient means for the exchange of work on BSP and, eventually, for the standardisation of BSP tools, languages and facilities.

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The Initial Proposal for the BSP WorldwideStandard Library by Jonathan Hill and Bill McColl (Oxford University)was issued for comment. This was followed, on 10 April 1996 by a new document:A Proposal for the BSP Worldwide StandardLibrary (preliminary version) by Mark W. Goudreau, University of CentralFlorida. Jonathan M. D. Hill, Oxford University. Kevin Lang, NEC ResearchInstitute (Princeton). Bill McColl, Oxford University. Satish B. Rao, NECResearch Institute (Princeton) and University of California at Berkeley.Dan C. Stefanescu, Harvard University. Torsten Suel, NEC Research Institute(Princeton) and University of California at Berkeley. Thanasis Tsantilas, Columbia University. It was open for comment throughout April 1996. In particular it was discussed at the BSP Worldwide meeting at HPCN'96 in Brussels on 17 April 1996. Ravi Palepu maintained an archivein date sequence of the e-mail debate generated by these documents. His archive runs to April 1996 and may still be available.

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Latest Release of Oxford BSP Toolset

Thethird full release of the Oxford BSP Toolset (Version 1.4) was announced on 30 September 1998. A maintenance update was issued in March 1999.

The Toolset includes a wide range of native machine-specific and generic versions of BSPlib including the first version to be released for Windows NT, a performanceprofiler, a call-graph performance tuning aid, parallel debugging support and BSP Benchmarking tools.The new Version 1.4 includes improved TCP/IP and UDP/IP implementations of BSPlib for use on PC and workstation clusters.

PUB - A New BSPlib Implementation from Paderborn

A team at the University of Paderborn has implemented a parallel C BSP library known as PUB - Paderborn University BSP LibraryA brief article on PUB is available here. Contact Ingo Rieping for further details or consult the publication "The Paderborn University BSP (PUB) Library - Design, Implementation and Performance".

New implementations Wanted!

We'd like to announce other BSPlib implementations here in the future. Secondsource BSPlib implementations, additional tools for BSP Programming, implementations for single machines (especially those done by staff from that machine's manufacturer), would be very welcome.Please send details to Bob McLatchie

Results of Voting on BSPlib Standardisation

A survey of user reactions to the BSPlib proposals, and to the Oxford BSPlib implementation, has been carried out. The results are summarised in the Voting Report.


You've just missed Jon Hill's tutorial workshop on Cluster Computing at HPCS'99 but this is such a hot topic, especially for fans of BSP, that there is bound to be another one shortly. Possibly PC-NOW 2000

You've also just missed BOS is Boss: A Case for Bulk-Synchronous Object Systems by Mark W. Goudreau, NEC USA Kevin Lang, NEC Research Institute Girija Narlikar, Carnegie Mellon University Satish B. Rao, NEC Research Institute at SPAA'99

See also: Theory and models for parallel Computation and Parallel Programming : Models, Methods and Languages Workshops in Euro-Par 99 (Toulouse, Fr)

Request: There have been no meetings of BSP Worldwide recently. Would anyone like to organise one?

Easier Request: If you are involved in an event of interest to other BSPers, please let us know so we can list it here.

Links to BSP Research Groups Worldwide

Bell Labs, USA (Torsten Suel)

Berkeley NOW Project, USA

Carleton University, Canada (Frank Dehne) Realistic Parallel Algorithms Project

Central Florida, USA (Mark Goudreau)

HarvardBSP Group, USA

Oxford BSP Group, UK

University of Paderborn (Heinz Nixdorf Institute), Germany

Queen's University, Canada (David Skillicorn)

Rensselaer PolytechnicInstitute, USA (Boleslaw Szymanski)

University of Utrecht, The Netherlands (Rob Bisseling)

Keeping in touch

Most BSP Worldwide activities are carried out using electronic communicationsvia e-mail, bulletin boards and web pages but we plan to organise at leasttwo meetings with workshops per annum, one in Europe, one in the USA. Thereare currently over 140 registered members, representing research groups,computer manufacturers and industrial users in Europe and the USA.

An e-mail list ( has been established to carrymessages to those interested in all aspects of BSP Worldwide activities.To subscribe e-mail

For further information, please contact BobMcLatchie.

Disclaimer: Reference to specific software systems on the BSP Worldwide pages does not imply an endorsement, warranty or guarantee as to the quality, or fitness for purpose, of the software by BSP Worldwide. References are provided for information only. Note that certain links on these pages are to pages outwith the control of BSP Worldwide. The links are provided for information only.

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